Alberto Martinez migrated from Central America at the age of five to Toronto where he now is a filmmaker, music video director and the producer of the award winning 2011 experimental short film titled “Roachfar”.  Since 2007, Alberto has collaborated with Steven Cerritos on the critically acclaimed short film “Cerritosis” and 2008’s “In Darkness”, another short film which would eventually be picked up by Academy Award winning film distribution and sales agency OUAT MEDIA . Furthermore, this year sees the highly anticipated release of the  next two instalments of the Mr. Serial Killer series, Mr. Spontaneous & Mr. I-LOVE-YOU, which he produced and also served as the production’s photographer and the second unit’s director of photography.

As a music video director, Alberto has explored his passion for music and photography. He has directed a slew of music videos for local artists.   With the use of DSLR videography, which has allowed him to discover his visual signature, Alberto has cemented himself as a director who engages his audience visually with a kinetic flare.

By the end of the year, he hopes to finally direct his long awaited and overdue untitled boxing drama. In the meantime, Alberto continues to direct music videos and promote his short films.

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